Accentuate Your Look with an Aquamarine Ring

Aquamarine is the stone that captures the beauty of the sea. It's said that holding it in the sea makes it invisible, as it meshes with the soft color of the water. Aquamarine has a translucent blue hue that is lovely to look at with its dreamy effects. When you wear an aquamarine ring, you can look at it whenever you want. An aquamarine ring is especially beautiful when set in 18K yellow cold for a bit of warmth with the cool color of the sea. This is a harmonious look that you'll love wearing. The gold and pale blue go with just about anything, and they each make the other look amazing. An aquamarine ring can be worn on a casual day or a more formal one that requires just the right look. Wear the ring and bring along a bit of the mystery of the ocean with you.