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Amazing Amethyst Jewelry Online at Karin Jamieson Jewelry

Amethyst has a dazzling color that is immediately noticeable when you wear it. With an amethyst bracelet, you can harness that color and its visual power. The stunning purple of each stone on this amethyst bracelet is a natural color that pairs perfectly with 18K yellow gold. With a large total carat weight, you get a lot of stones that are each bright and amazing. The amethysts are cut into checkerboard facets for even more visual impact. The gemstones come from Brazil and bring with them the magic of that distant land. They are beautifully set with each separate stone a thing of wonder. When you buy your amethyst jewelry online from Karin Jamieson Jewelry, you will absolutely fall in love with the color and cut of the stones that are so bright and lovely. They will pair with many different outfits from neutral looks to bright colors.

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